When Does MLB The Show 22's Moonshot Event End?

MLB The Show 22.
MLB The Show 22. / Image courtesy of San Diego Studio

The MLB The Show 22 Moonshot Event is live now, featuring daily rewards and the chance to earn a 90-overall Diamond Breakout Series Tim Salmon. The challenge requires players to use the three-inning mode in All-Star difficulty, and can only be played in Coors Field, which is notorious for giving up massive home runs.

Here's when the Moonshot Event ends in MLB The Show 22.

When Does MLB The Show 22's Moonshot Event End?

The Moonshot event launched on Thursday, April 21. Considering that is event was labeled by The Show as a "weekend event, the event's final day will be Monday, April 25 at 2 p.m ET.

The Moonshot event was also paired with a double XP weekend, meaning that players can rack up extra XP while playing towards the special Tim Salmon card.

Here's a reminder of the Moonshot Weekend Event's rules.

  • Any Hitters
  • Common Pitchers only
  • Coors Field Only
  • Min. Player Overall: 55
  • Max. Player Overall: 99
  • Max. Team Overall: 99
  • Difficulty: All Star
  • 3-inning games
  • Free entry

If you didn't get a chance to progress through the Moonshot event as much as you wanted to, your cumulative win progress will be saved for the next Moonshot event.

Here are the streak rewards for winning games in the Moonshot Event:

  • 3 wins - 65-74 Live Series Bronze
  • 6 wins - 75-79 Live Series Silver
  • 9 wins - 80-84 Live Series Gold
  • 12 wins - 85-89 Live Series Diamond