When Does Monster Hunter Rise Come to Nintendo Switch?

When does Monster Hunter Rise come to Nintendo Switch?
When does Monster Hunter Rise come to Nintendo Switch? / Photo courtesy of Nintendo

When does Monster Hunter Rise come to Nintendo Switch?

A new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise was shown on Feb. 17 during the Nintendo Direct broadcast, and it confirmed a lot of information for the highly anticipated Capcom game. Monster Hunter Rise is the latest installment of the franchise and will be featuring all-new monsters, combat mechanics, and equipment.

Thanks to the Monster Hunter Rise - Rampage Trailer, we now know that the game will see several returning monsters as well - including the infamous fanged beast Rajang who can be seen with a Hunter a-top him thanks to the new Wyvern Riding feature.

When does Monster Hunter Rise come to Nintendo Switch?

Monster Hunter Rise will be available on the Nintendo Switch March 26, and is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Several new features have been shown since the game's initial announcement, and the latest trailer includes new map locations like Lava Caverns and Sandy Plains. Additionally, two new monsters were confirmed - Rakna-Kadaki and Almudron.

Rakna-Kadaki is an arachnid-like monster that can spew both webs and lava from its mouth. Definitely a monster that'll bring out the arachnophobia in all of us, this monster can be seen with smaller arachnids crawling around it but their purpose has not been made clear yet.

Almudron can be seen in the trailer throwing up mud walls, creating mud slides, and firing off what appears to be giant balls of mud. That mud is more dangerous than it appears, as it can cause "waterblight," a status ailment that will cause a player to recover stamina much slower than normal.

A huge surprise, Apex Monsters will be returning in Monster Hunter Rise. These monsters are tougher than usual, having additional ways to threaten players offensively and protecting themselves from attack.

Lastly, we got to see what the new Rampage Event looks like. While defensive missions and multi-hunt quests are not a new concept to Monster Hunter games, having to defend against a wave of attacking monsters will put even seasoned players to the test. Making use of a wirebug attack or Wyern Riding will need to become second nature to any hunter who wishes to thwart the Rampage.