When Does Mythic Plus Start in Dragonflight?

Blizzard Entertainment

Mythic+ Dungeons, a familiar element of the World of Warcraft franchise, are coming to Dragonflight, its newest expansion. While Dragonflight has been available for some time, the official Mythic+ season hasn't begun yet. Here's what you need to know about when it will start.

Four dungeons specific to Dragonflight will be included in its Mythic+ rotation, as well as four dungeons from Legion, Warlords of Draenor, and Mists of Pandaria. Luckily, the time in between Dragonflight's release and the launch of Mythic+ dungeons will allow players to maximize new gear and skills to prepare.

When Does Mythic Plus Start in Dragonflight?

Dragonflight's Mythic+ Dungeons will be available on Dec. 13, and the expansion's first raid, Vault of the Incarnates, will begin shortly thereafter. Similar to previous seasons, Mythic-level loot will be available at item level 372 at the end of each dungeon run. As you level up your key and participate in high dungeons, the item level will increase.

Additionally, affixes will be added and removed as a part of the season's launch. According to Icy Veins, the Necrotic and Inspiring affixes will be removed from the rotation in favor of the addition of the Thundering affix. At Mythic Keystone level 10, Thundering, which is very similar to Quaking, will be active by default.