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When Does NBA 2K22 Come Out?

Photo courtesy of E.A Sports

When does NBA 2K22 come out?

As we get closer to the end of the NBA season, many gamers have been wondering when does highly NBA 2K22 come out?

NBA 2K21 has been out for almost a year and has received mixed reviews. On one hand, the graphics look amazing and there have been additions to the animations such as the dunk, layup, and crossover animations. On the other hand, fans have been disappointed with the inability to make shots, new shot meter, and the same MyCareer mode.

When Does NBA 2K22 Come Out?

NBA 2K21 received a score of 6/10 on IGN, making it the lowest score the series has ever received. Clearly, this wasn’t EA Sports' best work and fans expect better. Hopefully, in 2K22 we can go back to the old 2Ks, where it was actually fun.

As of right now, there is no official release date set for NBA 2K22. However, we do have an idea of when to expect it. In the past, we started receiving gameplay trailers in the month of June.

Also, EA Sports has a pattern of releasing their games in the early weeks of September. Both 2K19 and 20 were released in September. This pattern will likely continue with NBA 2K22.

Hopefully, we will start getting updates on the upcoming 2K soon, and hopefully, it’s better than the current one.