When Does No Sweat Summer End in Fortnite?

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

No Sweat Summer has hit Fortnite with a blast of new quests, bling and rewards. Here's when the fun is set to end.

Epic Games announced the arrival of every gamer's favorite season, No Sweat Summer, yesterday July 21. The event will last until August 9, at 9 am ET. Check out the official hype trailer on YouTube below.

When Does No Sweat Summer End in Fortnite?

Until Aug. 9, Fortnite gamers will be able to enjoy "special Quests, thirst-quenching rewards, rebuilding the Block, and more," according to an Epic Games press release.

The sweltering summer event is themed around No Sweat Insurance, an imaginary company within the game that will undertake the reconstruction of one of the sweatiest drop zones in Battle Royale — Tilted Towers. It appears that the company will be enlisting the help of players in order do so. By participating in the Rebuild the Blocks Quest, players can earn "XP, a Contrail, Pickaxe, and Back Bling." Not bad compensation for a summer job.

Different user-generated designs for different areas of Tilted Towers have already been accepted by the Insurance Company. Now, they have left it up to gamers to vote on the designs they would like to see implemented.