When Does Overwatch Anniversary 2021 End?

Photo courtesy by Blizzard

With the recent start of Overwatch Anniversary, the event will last three weeks with events and cosmetics releases.

The limited-time event, Overwatch Anniversary, started May 18 and ends June 8. The event is a celebration of the fifth anniversary of Overwatch. It features various cosmetic goodies, such as new hero skins and accessories to go along with.

When Does Overwatch Anniversary 2021 End?

The event brings weekly challenges that include legendary skins for players to earn. The event also brings back all Overwatch’s seasonal events:

  • Winter Wonderland
  • Halloween Terror
  • Summer Games
  • Archives
  • Lunar New Year

Fans are excited about the new event and are given the opportunity to collect the ones they have missed. Other fans of the game are also upset about some heroes not having to receive legendary skins in a while. Although not every hero received legendary skins the event brings back season brawls:

  • Halloween Terror Event
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Lucio Ball

These arcades are being released timely and fans will need to pay attention to the weekly schedule as these brawls rotate.