When Does Overwatch Archives 2021 End?

Overwatch Archives 2021
Overwatch Archives 2021 / Courtesy of Blizzard

Wondering when Overwatch Archives 2021 will end? Here's how long you have to cash in on some of the coolest skins that the game has to offer.

When Does Overwatch Archives 2021 End?

Players have until April 27 to collect the new Lucio, Zenyatta, and Mercy skins. Every Tuesday until then the weekly challenges will reset and by completing them players will receive one of the three new skins. In addition, gamers should use this time to get in on the PvE missions that've made their return for the event. The “Uprising,” “Retribution,” and “Storm Rising” missions are all currently playable and give the chance to earn loot boxes that contain some of the most sought after skins in the game.

The Overwatch Archives event is here is nearing its end and it won't be back until next year. If you're looking to participate it'll be worth your time to start now and get all you can.