When Does Overwatch Archives 2021 Start?

Overwatch Archives has been an ongoing event since the first iteration, Overwatch: Uprising.
Overwatch Archives has been an ongoing event since the first iteration, Overwatch: Uprising. | Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

With the Lunar Year event starting its third week, some fans are starting to wonder when the Archives events will begin.

An event that peaks the interest of every lore enthusiast, Archives features a co-op, PvE mode that has been well-received by the community in which one can play as Overwatch characters during a flashback or a mission that took place before the game started.

Along with the limited-edition cosmetics, Archives events bring a narrative experience and new aspects of the lore that players did not know prior to the PvE events. In the first mission, players got to be a part of was back in Overwatch: Uprising, where there was a co-op mode featuring Tracer's first mission. In it, players got to experience part of the Omnic Crisis.

The following year, the Overwatch team allowed the community to choose to either play the Overwatch: Uprising mission once again or to experience a new mission called Overwatch: Retribution, in which players got to see young Reaper and McCree work together in Blackwatch. Overwatch Archives 2020 saw the reveal of Overwatch: Storm Rising.

When Does Overwatch Archives 2021 Start?

All of these missions have revealed aspects about the beloved heroes that were previously unknown to the player base, through interactions and snippets of dialogue. But, there has been no official statement (yet) regarding what new lore Overwatch Archives 2021 will bring and when.

As of the writing of this article, Blizzard has yet to confirm when Archives 2021 will be live. Normally, they take place around April with the only exception being Archives 2020 which started in March 12, 2020. Fans will have to wait and see as to whether the event will arrive earlier than expected, or follow the previous versions for an April release.