When Does PUBG Mobile Season 19 Start?

When Does PUBG Mobile Season 19 Start?
When Does PUBG Mobile Season 19 Start? / Photo courtesy by PUBG Corp

When does PUBG Mobile Season 19 start?

PUBG Mobile Season 19 starts in the month of May with all-new rewards and events.

PUBG Mobile season 18 ends on May 15, players will only have to wait two days for Season 19 to start on May 17. Users of the game will receive the new update depending on their location or region. The game's new season should last for two months, analyzing the last few seasons' duration of the game.

Titans are Invading

Godzilla and Kong invade across all maps: Erangel, Mirama, Sanhok, Vikendi, and Karakin. After the battle royale starts and every player has touched down, Titans will have random paths to go across the map each round. Players will need to be careful while avoiding the Titian's paths and engaging enemy teams on the battlefield.


With an all-new season approaching, Season 19 brings all-new cosmetics, rewards, and buddies. Players can earn a Kong headpiece and a Kong team speedboat to represent the team. For weapons, players can earn a legendary scythe and Kong skin M416 rifle. Season 19 also brings Godzilla and Kong as miniature buddies as adorable companions, "Too much cuteness" Twitter user @ChaosCODM comments. Fans are loving the new buddies and can't wait for the new season event to start.

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