When Does PUBG Season 7 End?

When does PUBG Season 7 end?
When does PUBG Season 7 end? / Photo by PUBG Corp.

When does PUBG Season 7 end? The latest season of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS has been live for a while, and players are itching for big changes to the game.

Season 7 of PUBG began back on April 22 for PC, launching what would become one of the most popular seasons in the game's history. The new skins and changes to the Vikendi map brought the game to a level it hadn't reached before.

When Does PUBG Season 7 End?

It is currently unknown when Season 7 of PUBG will end. PUBG seasons tend to last an average of three months though, so it will probably end sometime in late July, or possibly even early August because of potential work disruptions because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While Season 8 might not be coming for a little while, the devs at PUBG Corp. have done a great job of using updates to keep the game fresh. Update 7.3 was released to the Test Servers on June 10, and it contains a lot of really cool changes for PUBG players.

Fans of PUBG should also check out the new throwable weapon and the changes to parachutes, changes to Vikendi trains, and changes to other vehicles from Update 7.3.