When Does Refer a Friend Return to Fortnite?

Image Courtesy of Epic Games

Rumors that the "Refer a Friend" promotion will soon return to Fortnite have surfaced on Twitter. The main question that gamers are now asking, is "when?"

The Refer a Friend program was last active between October 2021 and January 2022. Gamers were able to earn rewards by, you guessed it, registering their friends to play Fortnite, and then completing tasks in the game with them.

Although it is unclear what shape the program will take this time around, leakers like @FNBRintel seem to have some idea as to what will be included.

When Does Refer a Friend Return to Fortnite?

Another leaker, known to Twitter as @Flobby_Leaker2 offered his take on the revived promotion in a less than viral tweet earlier this week. Although perhaps not as reputable a source as some, according to Flobby, the "Upcoming Refer-A-Friend Challenges" may include:

- Play 1 Game with your Referred Friend
- Place Top 10 3 times with your Referred Friend
- Eliminate 10 Opponents with your Referred Friend
- Have both accounts gain at least 60 account levels since having started the program.

It is uncertain where Mr. Flobby sourced his intelligence, and gamers are right to be skeptical when digesting it. However, the larger conversation is being heard in the mouths of more reputable members of the Fortnite community, such as @FNBRintel and YouTubers like iFireMonkey.

Although these claims are yet to be verified by any official Epic Games spokesperson, they likely have some truth to them. As for the question of when Refer a Friend will return, the most accurate answer, is probably pretty soon.