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When Does Rocket League Season 7 End?

Photo Courtesy of Rocket League

When does Rocket League Season 7 end? With Season 8 approaching, there is still confusion as to when exactly the current season will end.

However, Psyonix's announcement earlier this week confirmed that Rocket League Season 7 will end on Sept. 7, the same day season eight will begin.

For players, this means that there are just a couple more days to collect rewards before it is instantly replaced by Season 8. Here were some highlights of the concluding season. 

Beginning on June 15, this luxury-themed season had a total of 28 rewards in the free Rocket Pass, and 70 items in the Premium Rocket Pass. Season seven also introduced gold-painted items into game. Unlockable at Pro Tier 150, it marked the first time a new paint was brought into the game since 2016.

When Does Rocket League Season 7 End?

Season 7 also revamped Rocket League's Custom Training with changes to make it more useful for players. Now in the training pack progression, it enables players to focus on the shots they want to improve on. There were also mechanical and interface changes that make it more user-friendly and easier to control the aerial vehicle while training. Additionally, walls were adjusted to have uniform ball speed across all arenas.

Unfortunately, Rocket League servers might experience technical difficulties and might go down in anticipation to the big updates coming in season eight.