When Does Scavengers Go Live?

When Does Scavengers Go Live?
When Does Scavengers Go Live? / Photo courtesy by Midwinter Entertainment

When does Scavengers go live?

Scavengers is set on a frozen wasteland after a meteor crashed down and forced the inhabitants of the land to go underground after the moon exploded. Now, players must resurface, join a faction, and team up in squads of three to fight in a mixture of a brutal player vs player and player vs environment sandbox; collecting the data from the mysterious meteor that crashed.

Dangerous environment elements that can stop players are:

  • Winter storms
  • Predator animals
  • Starvation
  • Lack of shelter

When Does Scavengers Go Live?

It goes live on May 1.


Scavengers is free to play, also cross-play compatible and cross-progressing enabled. Cross-progress will allow players to switch platforms without losing their progress in-game, allowing users to be comfortable with a system if they choose to. Scanvegers is a large battle royal game that comes with challenges to its players and their team. To survive, players face multiple obstacles such as NPC's, fortresses, and hidden bosses. The game is very strategic that allows players to craft and use vehicles to navigate around the wasteland, avoiding or attacking teams in a 60 player map.

Survive, adapt, and win. Scavengers is out now on Steam and Epic game store.