When Does Season 3 of Shadowlands End?

Photo Courtesy of World of Warcraft

Season 3 of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands has been in full swing for almost four full months, but players still want to know, when does Season 3 of Shadowlands end?

Shadowlands is the eighth expansion pack that World of Warcraft has released and as of tomorrow has been going on for four full months.

After the battle of Azeroth, players must explore the new locations in the Shadowlands. You have been granted the power to transfer both your mind and your body across to the shadowlands.

When Does Season 3 of Shadowlands End?

Season 3of Shadowlands still has another month left before it ends. The date is Aug. 1 at 1:00 AM EST / 12:00 AM CST / 10:00 PM PST. Once the season ends, maintenance will begin and by the time the servers are back up, season four will begin.

Time is almost done to finish up the adventure of Season 3 of Shadowlands. So make sure you finish anything that you still need to do.

The upcoming Season 4 of Shadowlands is most likely going to be the last season of Shadowlands. World of Warcraft's ninth expansion pack, Dragonflight, is expected to be released in December of this year.