When Does Sentinels of Light Start?

Sentinels of Light event splash art
Sentinels of Light event splash art / Photo courtesy of Riot Games

Sentinels of Light, the newest chapter in Riot Games' Ruination-themed project, is set to begin in League of Legends soon this summer.

Players first discovered the Sentinels of Light event through a teaser puzzle on the official League website. Solving the puzzle unveiled a piece of splash art that features Viego and several sentinels of light - including a new unreleased marksman. Fans can prepare themselves for the biggest event of the League franchise this year.

When Does Sentinels of Light Start?

The Sentinels of Light event will begin on July 8, when League of Legends Patch 11.14 goes live, and last until Aug. 10.

The event will occur across all of Riot's titles, including League of Legends, Wild Rift, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics, and even the first-person shooter set in a distinct universe, Valorant. The inclusion of Valorant is a rather surprising move, and it's exciting to guess at how Riot will incorporate the Sentinels of Light theme across all five titles.

Riot Games has already announced the new skins to be released during the event, including Sentinel of Light skins for Vayne, Olaf, Diana, and Irelia, and a Ruined skin for Pantheon. The new sentinel of light, Akshan, will also be a big player in the event. He is said to be the mid-lane marksman that Riot teased in the April 2021 Champion Roadmap.

Players have lots to look forward to in the Sentinels of Light event, which will likely be just as big as - if not bigger than - Spirit Blossom last year. Stay tuned for more information from Riot to come.