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When Does Shadowlands Season 4 Begin?

Photo Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The third season of World of Warcraft's eight expansion pack, Shadowlands, has a confirmed end date. Shadowlands takes place after the battle of Azeroth as you must explore the Shadowlands.

As one of Azeroth's greatest warriors, you are granted the power to transfer both mind and body to the Shadowlands. With many new areas to explore, you must find out about the Shadowlands and help Warcraft legends back into the real world.

So when does season four of Shadowlands Begin?

When Does Shadowlands Season 4 Begin?

Shadowlands Season four is set to begin start following the completion of Season 3 The start date will be on Aug. 2 of this year.

With the new season comes another new PvP season and the Mythic+ difficulty will be updated. Additionally, a new feature for raiding will be implemented.

This new feature allows players to go back and revisit previous raids. This will allow players to get a more powerful version of the loot they acquired on their first completion of the raid.

For the Mythic+ update, eight new dungeons will join the previous dungeons. New dungeons, new enemies, new loot.

Season four of Shadowlands will most likely be the last season before World of Warcraft releases its next expansion pack, Dragonflight, which is set to release in December of this year.