When Does Snow Go Away in ACNH?

Photo via Nintendo

The winter season hasn't ended in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which means most islands will see snow on the ground for a while longer.

With the addition of snow, players can take part in making snowmen, catching snowflakes, and getting special winter recipes.

Winter in ACNH starts around Nov. 25 and lasts until Feb. 18, so players still have a few weeks to take part in winter themed events and collect the recipes they don't have yet.

While snow begins to fall in November, it doesn't settle until December, meaning players have until December to February to begin their winter activities.

When Does Snow Go Away in ACNH?

Snow will begin to thaw around Feb. 25, which is seven days after winter ends in New Horizons.

This means players can start actually working on their island for the new year sometime after Feb. 25, and you'll begin to be able to see the grass again starting then.

It tends to be random depending on the island, but most players will begin to see their snow melting away before Feb. 25, while others won't see it until the day of.

Much like real life, the days will also start to be longer. During winter, the sun sets sooner, but this will go back to normal sometime around the beginning of February.