When Does Stranger Things Leave Dead by Daylight?

Photo courtesy of Behaviour Entertainment

When does the Stranger Things franchise leave Dead by Daylight? The question is a bit tricky, as the characters won't leave the game, they simply won't be available for purchase. Anyone who owns them or buys them before the final date, will still be able to play them.

Back in September of 2019, players were thrilled to have a brand new killer, two survivors, and a new map all based on Stranger Things. Both survivors had decent perks while the Demogorgon was a solid killer. It had decent map pressure while also being fairly anti-loop.

When Does Stranger Things Leave Dead by Daylight?

On Nov. 17, 2021, players will no longer be able to purchase Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, The Demogorgon, or play on the Underground Complex Map. It seems based on players being able to keep the characters, this was some type of contract dispute and Behaviour Entertainment deciding not to renew their contract.

Somehow, the map has to go, maybe because it has nothing to do with players purchasing the map.

To give players an opportunity to purchase the characters, Behaviour Entertainment put them on sale.

  • Nancy Wheeler – 50% Off 
  • Steve Harrington – 50% Off 
  • The Demogorgon – 50% Off 

This includes their skins.

Nancy Wheeler 

  • Business ’85 – 50% Off 
  • Justice Seeker – 50% Off 
  • Snow Ball Dress – 50% Off 
  • Days of Rose – 50% Off 
  • Impulsive Activist– 50% Off 

Steve Harrington 

  • Scoops Away – 50% Off 
  • Last-Minute Babysitter – 50% Off 
  • This-Is-Not-Happening – 50% Off 
  • High School Hunk – 50% Off 
  • Jonathan Byers – 50% Off 

The Demogorgon 

  • Escaped Specimen – 50% Off 
  • Twisted Demogorgon – 50% Off 
  • Geo Mutation – 50% Off