When Does Teamfight Tactics Galaxies End?

When does Teamfight Tactics Galaxies end?
When does Teamfight Tactics Galaxies end? / Riot Games

When does Teamfight Tactics Galaxies end? With the arrival of the TFT Galaxies on League of Legends Patch 10.7, players have a new TFT Galaxies Pass, filled with in-game cosmetics and skins to earn and look forward to.

When Does Teamfight Tactics Galaxies End?

From the information Riot Games has released so far about the latest Teamfight Tactics set, there is no specified end date for TFT Galaxies. Players should, based on the previous release of TFT: Rise of the Elements set, expect for TFT Galaxies to last the entirety of the upcoming Ranked split and perhaps a bit longer as another new set is developed and prepared for release onto live severs.

TFT Galaxies will feature a whole new set of environments, boards, champions, and gameplay mechanics for players to explore. New classes of characters are added to the game, like Vanguard, Sniper, Demolitionist, and Dark Star that give unique bonuses when a certain number of those champions is on the board at one time.

Players will also get help from various types of new boards, like the Neekoverse, in which every player starts with two Neeko's Helps, or the Lilac Nebula, where the initial Carousel will have all four-cost champions.

TFT Galaxies, along with the newest Ranked split, will debut on Patch 10.7 after being initially planned for release on Patch 10.6. Players can get a sneak peek of the TFT Galaxies set by playing TFT on the Player Beta Environment server or watching the TFT Galaxies Showcase on Twitch.tv.