When Does TFT Galaxies Go Live?

Team Force Tactic Galaxies official art
Team Force Tactic Galaxies official art / Riot Games

When Does TFT Galaxies go live is something Teamfight Tactics fans are wondering.

TFT Galaxies is about to hit Riot's live servers. Are you ready to see League of Legends go live like never before?

Teamfight Tactics, Riot's recently released game mode featuring everyone's favorite champions from League of Legends, has a new set waiting in the wings. Riot Games announced TFT Galaxies on Mar. 3, leaving players to eagerly await the arrival of new champions, missions, and minions.

When Does TFT Galaxies Go Live?

Riot confirmed they will be patching TFT Galaxies through to their live servers on Mar. 18 during its announcement stream. Fortunately, this date is now only three days away.

With the release of Galaxies, TFT players can expect new champions alongside never before seen classes and origins. There are currently 51 LoL champions set to make it into the TFT roster this week.

Additionally, players can look for new items such as the Chalice of Favor and Shroud of Stillness. Of course, all these updates come with fun new cosmetics, as well. Who could forget to include a good bit of digital merch?