When Does TFT Reckoning 11.13 Release?

courtesy of Riot Games

Teamfight Tactics patch 11.13 is expected to release on June 23, 2021 with small changes to the game.

It has been two weeks since Patch 11.12 was released. Patch 11.13 has relatively small but powerful changes coming to TFT. As Riot Games put it, "many small levers" will be pulled.

Make note that this is not the full patch notes. The full patch notes will be coming on Tuesday. Only major shifts with major impact on meta has been announced so far. Other smaller changes for champions and traits will be coming soon.

When Does TFT Reckoning 11.13 Release?

According to the Patch Schedule announced in February 2021, patch 11.13 is scheduled to be on Wednesday, June 23. No words about a postpone has been mentioned so we can expect it to be the set date.

Biggest changes will be coming to Nidalee, Kayle, and Yasu. The hard carry of these champions have come to and end with nerfs and reworks.

While many players have been expecting bigger nerfs on Soraka or the Forgotten trait, TFT: Reckoning will be taking a breath with a relatively smaller patch.