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When Does the Elden Ring Gameplay Footage Go Live?

Photo courtesy of FromSoftware Inc.

FromSoftware Inc. the developer responsible for hits such as the Dark Souls series, Bloodbourne, and many more games will be rolling out their latest project; Elden Ring, due in late February 2022.

As the release date continues to move closer FromSoftware is finally ready to give players a look at Elden Ring. When will this gameplay footage be unveiled?

When Does the Elden Ring Gameplay Footage Go Live?

An official statement from Elden Ring's Twitter revealed that developer FromSoftware will broadcast a 15-minute long glimpse of gameplay on Thursday, Nov. 4, at 10 a.m. EST. The broadcast will be available to stream on both YouTube and Twitch.

For those who would either enjoy using or need to use subtitles for the reveal must watch it on YouTube as the Twitch stream will not provide these subtitles, FromSoftware announced on Twitter.

The developers have held any other information regarding the game's first large-scale reveal close to the chest,

FromSoftware also recently wrapped up their promotion of Elden Ring's Closed Network Test. Players who registered before Monday, Nov. 1, were entered into a random selection for CNT participants.

There will be five Closed Networks Test sessions over a five day period in the middle of November. Any players who signed up should closely monitor their email.

Until then, players must eagerly await the gameplay reveal stream and should keep their eyes out for any more CNTs, or maybe even open tests, to register for before the game's launch on Feb. 25, 2022.