When Does The First Descendant Beta Start?

The First Descendant beta starts on Sept. 19.
The First Descendant beta starts on Sept. 19. / Nexon Games

The First Descendant Beta is open to all players on all platforms sooner than you might think.

The First Descendant, a third person shooter game, is the latest title developed by Nexon Games. After a chosen group of humans became Descendants, they now must restore peace to Ingris. Using different characters and abilities, players can complete both solo and Co-Op missions to defeat Karel and the Vulgus.

So, when can you start exploring The First Descendant Beta?

When Does The First Descendant Beta Start?

The First Descendant Beta starts on Tuesday, Sept. 19 on Steam, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, and PS4. Players will have just seven days to explore the game before the Open Beta ends on Monday, Sept. 25.

To play The First Descendant Beta, simply add the free game to your library on your chosen platform. You can also head to the title's official website and hit "Play" in the top righthand corner.

The First Descendant Beta Rewards: Full List

Here's the full list of all The First Descendant Beta rewards and how to unlock each one.


Unlock Requirement

1 Emote

Participate in the Open Beta.

Bear-shaped Back Trophy

Reach Descendant Lv. 20 during the Open Beta.

Bunny Head Skin "Trendsetter"

Participate in the Crossplay Open Beta Survey.

1 Spawn Effect

Clear a Void Intercept Battle in hard mode.

3 Skins for default Descendants (Viessa, Lepic, Ajax)

Pre-register and participate in the Open Beta.

All rewards earned during The First Descendant Beta will not be delivered until the game's official launch.

There are also the following daily rewards given on each day of The First Descendants Beta:



Sept. 20

Bunny "Voltage Control Mask" Head skin, Shiny Metal Gold Paint (Weapons/Descendants), 500 Caliber

Sept. 21

Bunny "Golden Afterimage" Body skin, Shiny Metal Silver Paint (Weapons/Descendants), 500 Caliber

Sept. 22

Bunny "Hyperdimensional Sprinter" Full Body skin, Leather Matte Orange Paint (Weapons/Descendants), 500 Caliber

Sept. 23

Kyle "Desert Wanderer" Full Body Skin, Matte Sand Paint (Weapons/Descendants), 500 Caliber

Sept. 24

Bunny "Baby Kitten" Full Body skin, Clear Pink Paint (Weapons/Descendants), 500 Caliber

Sept. 25

Bunny "Trendsetter" Head Skin, Shiny Metal Red Paint (Weapons/Descendants), 500 Caliber

Sept. 26

Kyle "Task Commander" Full Body skin, Clear Blue Black Paint (Weapons/Descendants), 500 Caliber