When Does the Overwatch 2 June 28 Beta End?

Photo by Blizzard Entertainment

The Overwatch 2 June 28 beta is available for console and PC players, where players were given the opportunity to try out the latest hero, Junker Queen, as well as play on the new hybrid map called Paraíso.

The Overwatch 2 June 28 beta will end on July 18, according to Blizzard's website. Now is the perfect time to cram some Overwatch 2 game play before the beta ends. Just remember, any of your progress will not carry over to the official release.

When Does the Overwatch 2 June 28 Beta End?

If you would like immediate access to the Overwatch June 28 beta, you can purchase the Watchpoint Pack for $39.99, which comes with the official game and access to the beta.

Along with beta access and the video game, users who purchase the pack will also receive two legendary skins, a special player icon, and enough in-game currency to buy two battle passes.

The developers shared their goals for the beta, which include testing server capacity and hero balance. Developers are preparing and taking feedback to improve the game prior to its official launch on October 4 2022.