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When Does the Riot x Arcane Event End?

Photo courtesy Riot Games

The Riot x Arcane event ended on Nov. 20. With multiple events that celebrated the release of games related to Arcane, games, and other new updates to Riot Games. And even though it already happened, there are still rewards to be claimed with Prime Gaming as well as just a little recap of what happened during the events.

When Does the Riot x Arcane Event End?

Even though the event ended on Nov. 20, Riot is still releasing content related to Arcane.

During the holiday season, Riot is expected to release Arcane inspired goodies with Prime Gaming for most of their games.

So the celebration of Arcane has never truly ended, but the official end came with Undercity Nights, an in-person and online seven-day event that released important information about a new game being developed by Riot’s team. But it wasn’t designed around the announcement, instead, it was just a mere celebration of Zaun and the Riot community.

What’s next for Arcane remains a mystery. There are plans of developing more of a storyline between League of Legends and Arcane, as well as just an overall implementation of this story that Riot has created and the games they have.