When Does the Rogue Company Store Refresh?

Rogue Company Store Refresh
Rogue Company Store Refresh / Photo courtesy of HiRez/First Watch

The Rogue Company store refreshes every week. The first refresh happened on Sept. 2 and has occurred every seven days since.

Following the trend of refreshing once a week, the last refresh happened on Dec, 23, which means figuring out the next refresh should be as simple as adding seven days.

Rogue Company Store Refresh

If we add seven days to Dec, 23 we land on Wednesday, Dec. 30. That's right, Today, Dec. 30, the Rogue Company in game item store was refreshed with plenty of new skins, gun skins, and other collectibles to show off to your enemies and teammates.

The biggest release from this week's store refresh is the addition of a new Dhalia skin. Many players in the community have been waiting patiently for the rogue to get a new skin and the day has finally come.

The Dahlia skin features her with a pink, purple, and light blue color scheme. Her hair is a vibrant pink and her outfit depicts a shooting star with a rainbow.

Now that the store has refreshed and Dahlia is sporting a new look, grab your friends and log in to purchase the new content so you can show it off as you carry your team to victory.