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When Does the Season of Alola End for Pokemon GO?

Courtesy of Nintendo

With the Summertime going full blast, there comes two things: Sunburns and Pokemon Go events. Nintendo is capitalizing on the outside weather by pumping out Pokemon Go events. This summer is the Season of Alola, a fun tropical event where you're sent to conduct research events on various islands for Professor Willow. Despite the fun time everyone has had from collecting all the Pokemon, the event is drawing to a close relatively soon. For those wondering how long they have until the doors close forever, here's the timeline until the event closes.

When Does the Season of Alola End for Pokemon GO?

The official end date for the Season of Alola is scheduled for June 1, after which all events and quests are done for the season. Currently, there is an End of Season Special Research that started on May 25 and will end June 1.

The end of the season will mark the end of certain bonuses such as extended incense length, increased damage from remote players, and guaranteed gifts from Pokestop spins, so it's best to make the most of it while it lasts. In addition, special tropical-themed avatar clothing will leave the shop on June 1st, so if you want to nab a souvenir from the event, it's best to do so soon. After this, the late summer events that last from June to August will begin to take place