When Does the Steam Summer Sale 2023 End?


One of the biggest sales on video games is nearly upon us, bringing massive discounts to hundreds, if not thousands of titles on digital game retailer Steam. The sale, one of just a few each year Steam puts on with such an impressive volume of discounts, is a veritable holiday for gamers, often leading to impressive shopping sprees that add to an inevitably ever-growing backlog. Here's how long you have to partake in the Steam Summer Sale 2023.

The Steam Summer Sale, along with its counterpart the Steam Winter Sale, is the most comprehensive sale on Steam. Steam frequently puts titles on sale in small batches every week as part of promotions and special events, but the summer and winter sales expand the scope of discounts dramatically, even discounting high-profile titles 50% or more.

When Does the Steam Summer Sale 2023 End?

According to a trailer put out by Steam itself, the Summer Sale lasts from today, June 29, to July 13, a period of just over two weeks. This gives gamers ample time to shop around, try out games and get refunds if a game does not meet expectations.

All discounts should be final by the time the sale starts. In previous years, big Steam sales included flash discounts which temporarily put certain games at a huge discount for a limited time. THese have since been done away with.

Gamers should expect some disruptions to the Steam store as the sale begins due to the high volume of traffic and purchases being made. Refer to our guide to alleviate the issue and ensure your purchase goes through.