When Does the TFT Dragonlands Pass End?

Courtesy of Riot Games

With the release of Set 7, officially called Dragonlands, fans have been wondering when the TFT Dragonlands Pass ends. The Dragonlands Pass will end at the end of the set, which will be on Sep. 7, 2022.

Every new TFT set comes with a new pass that gives players access to brand-new set-specific content. There's the free version which only features a small amount of the total content, and the paid version, which includes far more content such as rare Little Legends and arenas. The paid version of the Dragonlands Pass costs 2,420 RP, which converts to just under $20.

A screenshot of the Dragonlands Pass
A screenshot of the Dragonlands Pass /

When Does the TFT Dragonlands Pass End?

Given that the Dragonlands set only just started around a week ago, there is plenty of time to cash in on all the loot, free and paid, available in the Dragonlands Pass. Each set is broken into two halves, with each set getting their own battle pass. In September, the mid-set patch will come out, changing many of the units and traits currently seen in Dragonlands.

Unlike a brand-new set, most of the theming will remain similar with the release of Set 7.5. That means that all of the cool items you earned from the Dragonlands Pass will still be in-style for around half a year.