When Does the Valorant Crossover Pass Expire?

Riot Games

Curious about when the Valorant Crossover Pass Expire? We have you covered.

June 22 saw a massive update for Valorant. Episode 5 began, and patch 5.01 was released. The Crossover Pass was also released on June 22, giving players access to tons of new content. Here's some of the rewards included in the Crossover Pass Event:

  • Two Titles: Dimensional and Double Agent
  • Three Player Cards: Omen, Killjoy & Raze, and VALORANT Legion
  • 20 Radianite Points

Riot Games announced that the end date for the Crossover Pass will be July 12. This gives players a full three weeks to unlock all the content provided.

When Does the Valorant Crossover Pass Expire?

With a July 12 end date, players can access the Crossover Pass content, which ties in heavily with the lore of Valorant. The player cards are all comic book themed, and unlike the battle pass, it is completely free. The Crossover Pass also ties into the new map Pearl, and celebrates the new episode as a whole.

The Crossover Pass also has seven layers for players will need to work through to complete the pass, meaning that gamers will have tons of Valorant content to enjoy for the next month.