When Does the Winter Event Start in Overwatch?

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

When does the Winter event start in Overwatch? During this Christmas season, Overwatch fans should be partaking in Winter Wonderland once again.

This event usually includes collectibles and skins that players look forward to obtaining each year during this specified time,

The Overwatch Winter Wonderland 2020 event release date might be shared this week by the development team.

When Does the Winter Event Start in Overwatch?

Past events have been announced early in December, which means players are well due for the release.

Other Winter events in the past have been started by Dec. 10, which means that Blizzard may simply release the event without any buildup or announcement.

Based on past releases, the 2020 Overwatch Winter Wonderland could begin on or around Dec. 10.

Even though this is the usual release date Blizzard does like surprises so there is a possibility they might release it earlier. The gaming industry has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with multiple release dates for both actual games and updates being pushed back.

It's possible Winter Wonderland 2020 is pushed back, but we'll have to wait for official word from Blizzard.