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When Does Tunic Release on PlayStation?

Photo Courtesy of Tunic

Tunic's PlayStation release has been scheduled for Sept. 27, 2022, according to the game's website. That's right. For fans of the anthropomorphic fox-led action and adventure game, it's going to be a long summer.

Tunic first made the formal announcement on June 2 via their Twitter page. PlayStation also confirmed the upcoming release in a tweet of their own.

Brought to us in March by indie developer Finji, the isometric action RPG is already available on Xbox and Steam.

Tunic's PlayStation Release Set for Sept. 27, 2022

Tunic harkens back to the days of gaming before the internet (or PlayStations for that matter). Remember those days? Unfortunately, some of us do.

Our staff spent time playing Tunic in March when it was first released. They found that however cute the game looks on the surface, it is much tougher than it may appear.

As the player navigates the game's plush geometrical landscape without clear direction, it is clear most of the game's charm comes from figuring it out on your own. As gamers haphazardly discover new items and areas of interest, "instructions" are given in a symbolled language unique to the game.

Tunic, therefore, succeeds in mystifying us in more ways than one. Their promise that "there are secrets around every corner," proves only a little less true with the news of their Sept. 27 release to PlayStation 4 &5.

Until then, there is one more question that remains, especially for Twitter users replying to the latest news. That question is, when will we receive news about a possible Nintendo Switch port?