When Does Valorant Prelude to Chaos Skins Leave the Store?

Courtesy of Riot Games

To kick off Valorant's Episode 5 Act 1, the Prelude to Chaos skin was released for players to sport an edgy and bulky gun while clutching the rounds. If you are still trying to decide if you should buy the Prelude to Chaos bundle or single-skin, now is your time.

When does Valorant Prelude to Chaos Skins Leave the Store?

The Prelude to Chaos bundle will leave the store on July 13 2022. If you would like to see the specific time, the store has a timer counting down until when you can purchase the skin or bundle.

Valorant Prelude to Chaos Skin Price

The Prelude to Chaos bundle costs 8700 VP or roughly $80 to $90. The bundle includes a Melee, Operator, Shorty, Stinger, Vandal, Spray, and Buddy. Players have the option of purchasing the weapons separately.

Players can upgrade the bundle to three color variations: green/red, green/silver, or blue. The bundle also has up to four levels to upgrade the finisher, firing effect, and audio.

The bundle features sci-fi purple and black colored theme with a golden touch and features electric animations. The inspiration behind this bundle was created after players shared their love for the Reaver skins. Sean Marino, Associate Art Director, shared that the Prelude to Chaos bundle was created to hit the same dark tone as a Reaver but with a Sci-Fi twist.

If you are still deciding if you should purchase the bundle or separate skin, make sure to do it before the time runs out!