When Does Vault Keys Start in Apex Legends?

When does vault keys start in Apex Legends? The latest season added a new map, which includes a new addition. Vaults are areas that have locked doors, contain incredible weapons, armor, and other loot, and can only be opened by vault keys. However, are vault keys even available in Apex Legends right now?

When Do Vault Keys Start in Apex Legends?

For the past week, it was impossible to open the vaults that were scattered around the map. However, vault keys have finally been added to the game. In order to find a vault key, you will need to find the small flying drones that patrol around the map. When shot down, these drones will explode and drop random loot. By chance, a drone can randomly drop a red vault key, and this will enable you to access any one of the various vaults around the map.

There are three different vault locations on the map. There is one in Lava City, one next to Geyser, and one in Train Yard. Each of the vaults carry items of high rarity, so if you get a vault key, it would be a wise idea to run straight to the vaults before any other squad can. Keep in mind though, that although there are only three vaults in the game, there can be more than three vault keys, so be wary that other players still have a decent chance at securing vault keys even if you have horded three keys.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment