When Does Winter Start in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

Winter has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons!
Winter has arrived in Animal Crossing: New Horizons! / Photo via Ashley Cortez / Nintendo

As the colder seasons in the real world begin, the weather in Animal Crossing follows suit.

Winter in New Horizons is one all players look forward to with events such as Toy Day and the New Year's Eve Countdown, so everyone's getting excited for the season to finally begin.

When Does Winter Start in ACNH?

Every year, winter in ACNH begins around late November and lasts until the Feb. 18.

With the beginning of winter comes the aforementioned events and other minor details.

Those playing on a Northern Hemisphere Island will most likely find snow starting Dec. 10, about two weeks before Toy Day begins.

And, starting Dec. 15, players can find that all cedar trees on their island will be decorated with blue, red, and green lights.

What Crafting is Available During Winter?

Also starting Dec. 15, those on the Northern Hemisphere can collect and craft Christmas ornaments, which lasts until Jan. 6.

Throughout the entire winter season, anytime it snows, players can also collect snowflakes with their net.

Any winter recipes can be found by popping balloons in the sky and they will require many snowflakes. There's a total of 23 Winter Snowflake recipes.

Another fun event players can take part in this season is the creation of Snowboys.

Once the player creates a Perfect Snowboy, they will be given a Large Snowflake, which is required for the Large Snowflake crafting recipes.

With that being said, these events are only available during late November and throughout February for those on the Northern Hemisphere.

Southern Hemisphere Islands must wait until around May to be able to take part in the winter crafting and activities.