When is Among Us 2 Coming Out? Devs Reveal Sequel Details

When does Among Us 2 release?
When does Among Us 2 release? / Photo by Innersloth

When is Among Us 2 coming out? Developer Innersloth have revealed its plans for the sequel to the hit Among Us.

Despite just seeing a recent surge in popularity, Among Us has been out since 2018. A sequel has been officially announced, and Innersloth detailed the process and features in a devlog.

When is Among Us 2 Coming Out? Devs Reveal Sequel Details

Development for Among Us 2 is currently in its early, preliminary stages. "There is no art, programming or sound done at all. For the record Among Us took about 6 months to enter open beta (early access) and 6 more months to leave open beta. Among Us 2 will probably take at least as long to enter open beta, and will probably spend longer there."

With this information, we can expect to see Among Us 2 in at least a year. Given the plans for the sequel, we could expect open beta within the year.

Among Us 2 is being developed for PC first, and then will be ported to mobile. The sequel will include and heavily expand upon features from the first Among Us. New roles will be added, but the main focus for Among Us 2 will be a more robust platform that can support growth and updates.

That doesn't mean that Innersloth will be cutting support for Among Us. The servers will run concurrently with Among Us 2. When the servers go down, Innersloth will release the code so players can still run them.