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When is Among Us VR Coming Out?

Photo by InnerSloth LLC

Among Us has been one of the most popular strategy games to play with friends that we've seen in a long time. Fans of the game and Virtual Reality are wondering when the two will join forces.

Among Us took off during the COVID-19 pandemic and became the most popular game streamed across all platforms, developing its own community very fast.

When is Among Us VR Coming Out?

At The Game Awards, there was a quick trailer released that showed that Among Us VR will be coming soon.

Although we do not have an actual release date yet, it has been confirmed that Among Us VR will be coming to StreamVR and Oculus Quest 2, which is now being referred to as Meta Quest 2.

A VR version of Among Us will be taking the game to a whole new level that could easily rival its' original version. The VR capactiy could mark a shift in the way the game is streamed, leading many fans to turn to VR as their next preferred way to play.

As more details of the game come out, we'll be keeping you updated. Until then, continue to practice on the current version of Among Us and prepare yourself to be immersed when the VR version is released.