When is Apex Legends Coming to Steam?

When is Apex Legends coming to steam? With the announcement of EA bringing their games to Steam as well as the EA Access subscription service, when will Apex Legends be playable?

The deal begins on Nov. 15.

When is Apex Legends Coming to Steam?

While it will not be initially available, in an interview with Engadget, EA's senior vice president of player network, Mike Blank, inferred their multiplayer titles like FIFA and Apex Legends would be available in 2020. Fans should be able to play Apex Legends on Steam sometime in 2020.

Apex Legends isn't EA's most popular game compared to the FIFA franchise, but it was definitely the fastest growing one. After the release in February, Apex Legends took off and since then, it's had a bumpy ride. With a few months of boring content followed by an abysmal Season 1 Battle Pass, the game was in a rough spot. It followed that up with an above-average Season 2 and an out-of-the-park Season 3.

Photo courtesy of Valve and EA