When is Bind Coming Back to Valorant?

It is unclear when Bind will return to Valorant.
It is unclear when Bind will return to Valorant. / Riot Games

Along with Breeze, Bind was removed from the competitive rotation in Episode 6 of Valorant. Now, fans want to know when the map is coming back.

Valorant typically aims to keep seven maps in the competitive rotation. With the addition of a new map, Lotus, and the return of Split in Patch 6.0, Bind and Breeze lost their spots in the rotation.

When is Bind Coming Back to Valorant?

There is currently no set date for Bind to re-enter the competitive rotation. Maps that are removed are usually gone for months, as was the case with Split. It will be some time before fans can return to Bind in competitive and Unrated modes.

Despite a few changes in the past, Bind still looks and plays relatively similar to its original launch. Removing it from the rotation allows developers to work on the map and make some adjustments that will inspire a more diverse play style.

Designer Joe Lansford stated, "For Bind, it's mostly about strategic diversity." He continues, "We'd like to open up more play around the teleporters and potentially rethink how teams execute, and defend against executes, on both sites."

As players wait for Bind to return, they can continue grinding the new update. Patch 6.02, released today, includes significant bug fixes and weapon changes to improve Valorant.