When is Bind Coming Back to Valorant?

Riot Games

Valorant, much like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, has a rotation of playable maps. The variety of maps allows the game developers to update and alter the maps that are not currently in rotation.

The last maps that were removed from the playable rotation were Breeze and Bind. This occurred to make room for the newest Valorant map called Lotus and the reintroduction of Split. Once a map is taken out of the rotation, the game developers work on the map to revamp it for future use.

Many fans enjoyed playing on Bind, and they can be excited for the recent announcement that it will be returning to the playable rotation. In order for Bind to return, one of the playable maps has to exit. So, Icebox will become unavailable to allow Bind back into the game.

When is Bind Coming Back to Valorant?

Riot Games has said that Bind will return to Valorant alongside Patch 6.08, which will include several updates to the map that will alter gameplay. Specifically, these changes include alterations to both bomb sites to allow different strategies to be used.

The official release date for Valorant Patch 6.08 is scheduled for Apr. 25, which is a little more than two weeks away. Since Valorant is currently being played on Patch 6.06, players will have to wait for a couple more updates until Bind returns.