When Is FIFA 22 Mobile Coming Out?

Photo via Electronic Arts

EA has confirmed the release of FIFA 2022 Mobile for this year.

With the end of 2021, that means that FIFA 2022 Mobile will drop sometime this month and fans of the game are very excited.

Despite this, some players have also been critical of the game on Twitter. It seems that fans of the series are divided.

When Is FIFA 22 Mobile Coming Out?

EA announced that FIFA 2022 Mobile will launch Jan. 2022 but have not given a specific day that the game will launch.

Currently, a Beta version of FIFA 2022 Mobile is available, according to the official EASportsFIFA Twitter account.

In a tweet, the account states, "Test new modes, features, and gameplay in development in the FIFA Mobile Limited Beta on Android, starting now!"

Unfortunately for players, the FIFA 2022 Mobile beta is only available in India, Romania, and Canada. Other countries currently have no access to the beta.

There are, of course, other methods to download it, such as through a VPN, but those aren't as secure as waiting for it to be available in your country. For those that it is officially available, they can get the game via the Google Play Store. The beta is not available on iOS.