When is Fortnite Chapter 3 Coming Out?

Image courtesy of Epic Games

With Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 moving towards its end, rumors surrounding the next Chapter have begun to swirl.

Fortnite Chapter 3 could be coming sooner than we thought. The latest season, Chapter 2 Season 8: Cubed, is set to end in just under a month's time on Dec. 5. However, it looks increasingly more likely that we won't be seeing a Season 9 and instead will be welcoming Chapter 3.

The previous chapter ran for 10 seasons, but as pointed out by known Fortnite leaker Hypex, Chapter 2 is already at the same length as Chapter 1 (which ran for 747 days). With the recent addition of the Cube Queen skin, and her presence in-game, it certainly feels as though Season 8 is leading up to a dramatic end. What better way to usher in a new Chapter than a final showdown with the monsterous queen.

When is Fortnite Chapter 3 Coming Out?

If the rumors are to be trusted, then we could see Chapter 3 appear after Chapter 2 Season 8 has ended on Dec. 5, 2021.

Leaks have already been circulating regarding the Chapter 3 storyline and map changes. Prevously, an anonymous leaker accurately predicted the arrival of several Season 8 events, including the Ariana Grande crossovers and The Sideways. The leak has also predicted that the Cube Queen will be playing a major role in Chapter 3. It's worth noting that this leak occurred prior to Season 8.

Whether or not the information will prove true remains to be seen. Regardless, it certainly would add up to what we've seen so far. Epic's Co-Founder, Mark Rein, also chimed in on the rumors. When asked on Twitter whether Season 9 or Chapter 3 was next in Fortnite's pipeline he simply replied "Time will tell."

A safe yet cryptic answer. With not long to go until the end of Season 8, it's only a matter of time before Epic reveals the next step. Until then, we can only speculate.