When is Genshin Impact Coming to Switch?

Genshin Impact has yet to launch on the Nintendo Switch.
Genshin Impact has yet to launch on the Nintendo Switch. / Photo courtesy of miHoYo

When is Genshin Impact coming to Switch?

This is a question every fan of the open-world action RPG continues to wonder about despite miHoYo's official Nintendo Switch announcement for Genshin Impact having already been made last year. Here's the latest on when Genshin Impact will be coming to Nintendo Switch.

When is Genshin Impact Coming to Switch?

Although Xbox players appear to remain out of Genshin Impact luck for the near future, miHoYo has already released the game on PC, mobile and PlayStation. The Nintendo Switch, however, was also supposed to be a part of that group.

Unfortunately, Genshin Impact still surprisingly remains without a timeline for its Switch release for the time being.

On May 16, Twitter leaker Genshin Report speculated that the issue holding up Genshin Impact's release on the Nintendo console is due to compatibility errors with the Switch's hardware.

While it remains unknown whether the problem stems from the game experiencing drastic frame rate drops or simply crashing, the leaker has simply described the issue as being due to miHiYo struggling to optimize Genshin Impact on the Switch's "weaker hardware," and that the title could get pushed back further down the line or even repurposed into a potential Switch Pro exclusive.

The situation surely remains frustrating for all parties involved as the Switch would be a perfect fit for the game, especially with it already being so successful on iOS and Android.

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