When is League of Legends MSI 2023?

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The professional League of Legends scene includes numerous regions that send their best teams to two different international tournaments yearly. These two tournaments include the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and the Worlds Championship.

Most professional regions have two splits per season, spring and summer. The spring split is currently transpiring, and there will be 13 qualified teams from nine regions that are sent to compete at MSI prior to the start of the summer split.

MSI 2023 has a brand new format, as only the winners of selected regions were sent to compete in the tournament. The updated format includes double elimination and allows two teams from China, Europe, North America, and Korea to compete.

With all the noted format changes, here is the start date for MSI 2023.

When is League of Legends MSI 2023?

MSI 2022 started on May 10, but that date has changed for MSI 2023. This year's MSI is scheduled to start on May 2 and will be hosted in London. The tournament length remains the same as previous years, as it will occur over the course of a few weeks.

Specifically, MSI 2023 will conclude with the Grand Finals transpiring on May 21 to determine the best international team at the midway point of the season.