When is Overwatch Anniversary 2021?

Photo courtesy of Blizzard

When is Overwatch Anniversary 2021, is very easy to estimate from past anniversaries.

This month marks the fifth year of Overwatch's anniversary and calculating past release events they have been usually announced between May 19 through 24. Past trends from Blizzard previously announce or promote teaser events for their anniversaries. So we have a pretty good idea for the month of May.

When is Overwatch Anniversary 2021?
When is Overwatch Anniversary 2021? / Photo courtesy by Activision | Blizzard

When is Overwatch Anniversary 2021?

New Cosmetics

With Anniversary events come with new hero skins, challenges, and weekly events. This event also lets players have another chance in obtaining a hero cosmetic they may have missed in the past through loot boxes. The legendary skins are another cosmetic fans are eagerly waiting for, with some speculating Symmetra might receive one; since her last one was back in the 2018 Winter Wonderland event. Followed by Sombra, Ana, Lucio, and Wrecking Ball in speculation.

Overwatch 2

With the speculation of Overwatch Anniversary starting in May, we may also receive news on Overwatch 2. Since it will be the 5 year anniversary, making an update announcement or teaser is the perfect time to do it. Developers of Overwatch did express being more vocal during BlizzConline in February. We know Overwatch 2 is estimated to be launching around 2022, but getting a teaser this early would be the best announcement yet for the start of Overwatch Anniversary 2021.