When is Overwatch Summer Games 2021?

Lifeguard Pharah was released in last year's Summer Games
Lifeguard Pharah was released in last year's Summer Games / Photo by Blizzard

As its yearly tradition, the Overwatch Summer Games event is one of the more highly anticipated events of the year. Players will have a chance to nab a plethora of in-game loot. Here is when the Overwatch Summer Games 2021 will start. 

This year has already witnessed a number of eye-catching events. Events like the Pachimari challenge, Hanzo’s Kanezaka event and event the yearly Anniversary all have been part of it. But next up on the docket is the Summer Games event.

As a tribute to the Olympic Games, the Summer Games event bring on a myriad of skins. All of these skins are based on different sports. This rings the same for the game mode in the event, Lucioball. Lucioball is based on another sport.

When is Overwatch Summer Games 2021?

Blizzard haven’t given an exact time for Summer Games 2021, but the event tends to come up in-game in early August. Here are the dates of past years’ events listed below, all for us to speculate on what date it will be.

  • 2016: August 2nd – August 22nd
  • 2017: August 8th – August 29th
  • 2018: August 9th- August 31st
  • 2019: July 16th – August 5th
  • 2020: August 4th – August 25th

The obvious outlier here is 2019’s Summer Games which started in July. But going off of the pattern set, one can expect the event to launch the earliest of late July. But a launch in early August is more probable.