When is Playground Mode Coming to Fortnite?

When is Playground Mode coming to Fortnite has always been a huge question of the player base. Playground Mode was the prophecized creative haven for players who wanted to build themselves the castle and cottages worthy of the game's popularity. So, just how do you make the most out of that intuitive freedom?

Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite's Playground Mode.

When is Playground Mode Coming to Fortnite?

Players will be thrilled to know that Playground mode is already in Fortnite. At this current moment, you can launch the game and jump right into building that nice summer home by Paradise Palms or a secluded hunting lodge in Happy Hamlet.

Playground Mode is essentially something like Minecraft's Creative mode. While the competitive free-for-all play of Battle Royale is fun, it never gave players the chance to build as many intricate and incredible structures with the game's building feature as they wanted. Playground Mode is the answer to that problem.

Spending time in Playground Mode is a lot different than Battle Royale. Playground players get nearly an hour to mess around in the world without having to worry about the storm pushing them together. Building resources gather 10 times as fast and you can find up to a hundred llama piñatas full of goodies for you and your friends. The entire field will only consist of three other people you enjoy playing with.

Players have been able to access Playground Mode since July 2018.

Image courtesy of Epic Games