When is Pokemon UNITE Coming to Mobile?

Photo by The Pokemon Company

When is Pokemon UNITE coming to mobile? That’s a question that is commonly repeated by Pokemon fans, as since its Nintendo Switch release in July, no official date regarding the mobile version’s debut has been announced.

However, since the Switch launch, things on the mobile port’s end have been quiet. Since then, there's been some negative fan reactions to announcements like Blissey being added instead of Blastoise. Fans still await when the mobile version of the game will come out.

When is Pokemon UNITE Coming to Mobile?

Now, according to the official Pokemon UNITE website, mobile ports of the game are “coming soon.” However, in the description of a trailer on the game’s official YouTube channel, the mobile versions of Unite are planned to release sometime in September.

Pokemon UNITE is the latest spin-off title from the franchise, announced in a Pokemon Presents presentation on June 24, 2020 alongside some other titles, though it certainly generated the most buzz. It’s a free-to-start MOBA developed by Tencent’s TiMi Studio, reminiscent of other games in the genre like League of Legends. With the promise of both the Switch and smartphone ports being able to have cross-play capabilities, Pokemon fans are eager to play with their friends and family with any device they choose.

Pokemon UNITE is now available to play on the Nintendo Switch.