When is Role Queue Coming to Overwatch?

When is role queue coming to Overwatch? Role queue is the newest match-making innovation to come to Overwatch in quite some time. With such a large change coming to the game, players all over the world are waiting to see when their queuing experience will shift into this new gear.

Here's what we know about the launch of role queue in Overwatch.

When is Role Queue Coming to Overwatch?

In a developer update video published on July 18, Game Director Jeff Kaplan stated that Role Queue will hit live servers on Aug. 13 along with Patch 1.39. The feature will accompany a two-week beta season through Sept. 1.

This means that Season 17 will come to an early end in order to assure the queue works properly before it becomes available for official use in Season 18.

Role Queue was designed with the intention of improving match quality and giving players more control over their game experience, according to Kaplan. It is currently live for players to test on the Public Test Region along with the game's newest hero, Sigma.

More information about Role Queue is available on Blizzard's blog.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.