When is the Anime Girl Coming Back to Only Up? 

The sky's the limit in Only Up!
The sky's the limit in Only Up! / SCKR Games

Only Up became a hit! Twitch streamers gave the game a huge popularity boost, accruing thousands of viewers in the previous month. This adventure game lets the player follow Jackie, a teenage boy who makes it his mission to climb as high as possible.    

The Anime Girl was one of the obstacles Jackie had to climb. She worked her way into many players' hearts and is often called "Waifu." SCKR Games took The Anime Girl out of the game recently, and players are wondering when she'll come back.

When is the Anime Girl Coming Back to Only Up? 

The developer made a patch note announcement about the Anime Girl on July 4. There's no confirmed date on when she will return to the game. All we know is a new girl will arrive soon.

But wait, why was The Anime Girl removed in the first place? In short, she was removed due to ownership reasons. 

The Anime Girl belongs to a digital artist named Kevin (aka Aboulicious), who didn't allow SCKR to use her. 

SCKR explained how issues, such as official marketplaces selling kits with art from others, can lead to these situations. The developer won't have the same trouble with more assets from the game, as all others are bought or available for commercial use.